Roses Among Thorns

As I tread along a path chosen to a destination I know not,
Dwell in the past I do not, peep into the future I dare not!
I take with me the pleasant breeze from the winter gone,
And I take with me rays of hope into the approaching weathers!
Flashes of pain pierce through my heart,
Some make me bleed and some make me ache!
Without a care I hop on,
Over the bridges and through the creek!
I dance and sing and try to find a chorus,
To keep me company along this trek!
Some sing along and remain a music in my life,
While others shy away and fade into a note unheard!
I march on looking for a matter unknown,
Looking for an answer with no reply!
In this jog of life I fall,
Hurt my knees and cloud my eyes!
There are rocks and pricks on the path,
There are nails thrown all around!
And yet,
I skip and tumble unperturbed,
I see roses waiting to be found among the thorns!

  1. Peter 2 months ago

    Beautiful lines…

  2. Profile photo of Haridasan
    Haridasan 2 months ago


  3. Fehmida 2 months ago

    Beautiful explanation of life..

  4. shaju parackel 2 months ago


  5. Profile photo of Mary George Ittoop
    Mary George Ittoop 2 months ago

    Lovely lines….. Very touching

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