The most happening thing in our life this weekend was my younger’s classmate’s private birthday party. We are one of those ‘non-socialising’ family who never arranges parties. We are definitely not party people, who don’t even go to parties.

Also, we know that in future once the girls reach a certain age, they would choose their friends on their own and would like to have a get-together and that is OK for us.

So I never thought that her friend would invite her. Here the guest list is prepared based on the kid’s choice (not the parents’ choice). Seems as if apparently her friend liked her and wanted her to be in the party.

Now I must confess that unfortunately to my kids’ embarrassment (and my husband’s dislike) I am a pyjama wearing parent to the creche. Irish people give so much importance to dress (maybe not as much as English people do, but still..).

Though my four-year-old doesn’t mind, my six-year-old is a bit more conscious. She I suspect, to my horror, is a growing fashionista, who loves stilettos and short dresses, red lipstick etc.

She loves to go through all the glossy fashion magazines, while we wait in GP’s waiting room.

She is even conscious about the small waist she has, dresses that will look her fat or make her look thin.

Now I must confess that, I have this problem of cosmetic hoarding.

I mean I love to buy new eyeliners (even though I don’t know how to use it), I love the false eyelash effect mascaras, (which fortunately I can do, without using an actual pair of false lashes).

I like to use an eyelash curler, but I never bought or used one just because I thought I might burn away my eyelashes by using it.

I never use anything on my face, not even compact, when I go to school to pick my elder.

But for this birthday party, I didn’t want to be an embarrassment for my kids.

So, I made an effort by using the Estee Lauder Double Wear- Stay In Place HIGH COVER Concealer, as my six-year-old is always worried about the spots on my face.

So I showed her how I could make the spots disappear, and get flawless skin and showed her the usage of concealer. I didn’t forget to give her the warning that she is permitted to use it only after she becomes an adult.

Then I used Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder, on top of it while she was wondering how the black spots on mommy’s face became invisible.

Now, I don’t have thick eyebrows. So I can easily get away with a slight darkening of eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil.

Similarly, as my lashes are not so bad I use a good waterproof mascara (in case I cry, or it rains).

I showed her how to apply the GIVENCHY – ‘Phenomen’Eyes’ renewal waterproof mascara.

I usually don’t use lipstick though I have a collection of them, some even unopened. When I asked my six-year-old if whatever I did on my face, looks good and she just said, “wow”.

But she wanted me to put lipstick. I have this clear pinkish lip gloss which I put using a brush.

She has never seen me doing myself up so much…

I could hear her chanting “Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!” in the background.

After putting my Versace perfume (which had almost vaporised as I never use it), I asked her,

“How does mummy look?. Do I have spotted skin? Do I have cracked lips? Do I have tired dark eyes?”

She was so wonder struck at her discovery that pyjama-wearing-mummy knows how to apply basic makeup.

She said “Mommy you DO ACTUALLY look good. I didn’t know you did.” 

And then after a minute, she said to me “All mummies MUST wear lipstick” which obviously seemed like a warning to me.

Anyway after the party, when we came back, her dad asked them,

“Did you guys enjoy the party?”

And her answer was “Daddy !!! did you ever know that mommy knows how to put lipstick?”

“It was awesome!”

Daddy gave a bored look at me and didn’t ask her any more questions.

Now I am a bit doubtful that if I am not up-to-date, I might have to live a very scary life with these girls.

-Swathi Sasidharan

  1. Bindhu Benny 4 years ago

    He he .she got a Lovely mom

  2. P K N Nair 4 years ago

    Interesting. Live upto the times….

  3. Priya 4 years ago


  4. Suresh 4 years ago

    ha ha ha…

  5. Remya Madhusudanan 4 years ago

    if you could have the posted the picture too

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