Jwalanam is a user driven, bi-lingual portal (in Malayalam & English languages) and is a space for all those who love good literature and art. Good literature holds historical, intellectual, and societal importance. It can be a mirror to the society we live in. It helps to create a fraternity of just and balanced humans.

A significant part of our time today is spent online interacting with friends and exploring the latest in social media chatter. Social media thrives on tabloidization. A serious engagement with the issues in question is not its objective.

Jwalanam intends to create a platform for a deeper engagement with the times through literature and art.   It provides an opportunity to showcase ones creative work as well as to get to know other personalities in these fields. It is a platform for users world over to share their inspirations, thoughts and experiences.

Jwalanam intends to be the bridge between generations. It seeks to enrich every user with meaningful and worthwhile content and interactions.

Join us in this journey of understanding, discovery and growth. Let us kindle the creative self in each one of us.


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