When was the last time you have been alone? By alone I mean nothing but the company of your own thoughts. Society has tricked us to believe that being alone is such a tragedy. But is it??

When was the last time you heard the faint music of silence? Silence that holds answers, silence that thumps the beat of pain. When was the last time you met with silence??

When was the last time the beauty of your own thoughts blew you away? When was the last time you marveled at your inner self? When was the last time you realised that you are your best friend??

If not yet, do it my friend. For once shut off the world. Be alone. Fight with those inner demons. Get over that old heart ache. Mend the little pieces of your beautiful soul. Bask in the glory of yourself. Befriend silence… Love solitude… Be alone…

  1. Haridasan 3 years ago

    Alone… a time to feel your life; past and future… to realize what you are and what you want to be … A good thought. All the best, Mithra.

  2. Peter 3 years ago

    Like to be alone, forget the world, forget everything! How beautiful it would be if I could do that? Free from everything for a while!!

  3. Ishra Mecheri 3 years ago

    Nice write up.. Best wishes…

  4. Vivek S S 3 years ago


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