There was an avalanche of hearts, flowers, mushy one liners, cozy couples and of course the social media and the online shopping sites playing cupid to the love struck humanity! In all that noise and crimson red, it is probably difficult to mull over what exactly the world was celebrating.

Now that the waves of Valentine love have probably receded, lets analyse the debris left behind…truck loads of gifts – received, presented, longed or simply forgotten…. love that equate to chocolates, branded clothes and dinners and exotic experiences….a field day for the media from Valentine songs to offers to hypothesis on kisses and hugs…a day when the credit card was abused to shower yourself and loved ones with tokens of expensive Valentine love..and while the storm churned at home, at offices and beyond..what exactly was the love that was being professed?

I decided to look within to understand if one can find love without the trappings and strings expected of every kind of love…what happens to love when it comes without ‘surprise’ gifts… when you cannot further it with a cup of coffee at an exotic café…. what happens to the love that gets trampled by your own superior ego… what happens to the love that always carries a burden of expectations..the love that gets packed into containers of marriage, family et al.. can we imagine a virgin unprocessed love that transcends the need to display it, to append it with societal norms and to force it to flow into unnatural terrain?

Perhaps I am old school..perhaps I am simply old..or there are far too many theories floating around..but we can find those sparks of unalloyed love….that love for yourself when you truly enjoy your own company…that love that floats in company when you laugh till your tummy hurts..that love that flows as uncontrollable tears when you say goodbye..that love that makes you shed your inhibitions to hug another..that love which makes you call somebody to simply hear the voice on the other side..that love that finds strange warm corners in your heart..that love that simply makes you think of another person without a reason…

And whether it is a fleeting moment or a consistent murmur or just a whiff…but if you feel..remember and cherish..then perhaps that is the simplistic way to define and remember love till you elevate yourself to another realm! Perhaps it is the start of many to come or simply a realization that you let go of many moments without realization?

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  1. Haridasan 5 years ago

    Yes, “love” is also traded these days..

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