It is been long time now
I took the form of love
But it is every so often
I fall in love
At the shores of your soul
The blue silence
My sweetheart
To get lost in you
Like the misty rays
Shone through the dew drops
Then the dream comes
Comes the fantasy
As nature in the middle
of sky and sea
The life between you and me
My love
The ocean.
Shades of pink
I am pink
Colour of lust
The grace of being.
I live down in the nook
Of your emotions
The flow of my love in you
In me
The silver rain on green earth.
One heavy longing
Only dream is
My heart
My red- heart
Flying to open
The walls of your spirit
And be the fire
In you.
The orange glow of love
The search of time
The music of blue silence.
Guide me to labour this light
Smell of twilight
To pour one drop into many
Drops of colour
Thousand drops of life
Into spinning rainbows of love
But it is been longtime now
I took the form of love
And every so often
I fall in love
And I love again!

  1. Prabha 4 years ago

    Wonderful feel of falling in love, again… liked it..

  2. Sunil 4 years ago

    .. the rainbows of love.. nice lines, thanks.

  3. Haridasan 4 years ago

    Comes the fantasy.., it could be reality…
    And every so often I fall in love, I love again! .. that’s the truth!

  4. Retnakaran 4 years ago

    Lovely lines….

  5. Anil 4 years ago

    Beautiful lines…

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