Digital twins

The initial forms of digital twin is found in 2002.It is used in manufacturing complex systems like aircraft. The initial concept was to create a digital model of a physical system before building it.A digital twin ( also called Digital Doppelgangers) is defined as a digital representation of an industrial asset. Digital twins enables companies to know the performance of their machines in  detail. So that the company can find new revenue streams, and change the way their business operates. It can be use the physics data on how the components of a thing operate and respond to the environment. The data provided by sensors in the physical world, a digital twin can be used to check real world conditions, it can be react to the changes and improve operations and add value. It functions as the combination of skilled individuals (e.g., technicians) and traditional monitoring devices and controls (e.g., pressure gauges). It is a physical assets combined with digital representations of facilities and environments and people. Digital representation of the real world for simulation, analysis and control is used by companies and businesses and processes will enable an increasingly detailed.Read also about block-chain technology.

Digital twins don’t just need to act independently, sometimes a group of digital twins can also be beneficial. Common use cases for digital twin technology today include, machine and equipment heath and predictive maintenance. But with the sufficient knowledge of digital twins you can start combining and orchestrating all the digital twins of your operations to improve global performance and likely create new value and new business models. Dynamic digital twins are far more useful and, with decreasing sensor costs, increasingly common.

The digital can adapted for different environments and customized to take advantage of data generated by other virtual machines in the ecosystem. For using digital twins, consider connected products require a digital twin that spans the product life-cycle.You need analytics at every stage of the life-cycle to constantly make improvements, at each point in the system. Oracle IoT Cloud offers the most comprehensive implementation of the Digital Twin like virtual twin, predictive twin,twin projections etc.


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