Usually almost every day I teach my seven-year-old to read as she is still not fluent in reading though she is in an English-speaking environment. Her school homework folder usually consists of a small storybook, with her reading level marked on the back. I talked to her teacher that I am worried about her reading level, but she said her level is more than good.

When she came to know that I do homeschooling for her (just teaching a bit extra at home) she said I should NEVER do it. First of all, she is a late bloomer. Second, I am worried to the core that she is not in a level of reading books on her own.

I still continued one hr homeschooling (as they call it) …when one day she came and told me about the ‘electri-city-lift off’ at school.

That was one thing I have never heard in my life … shocked, I asked her ‘electricity lift off?’

‘yes…elec-elec-tri-city lift off.’

I couldn’t make head or tail out of it.

She said, we have an electricity lift-off class, and teachers come and take us to a reading room and help us with the reading …

I almost spent an hour probing her to get an idea about the relationship between electricity and reading.

But every attempt of mine failed, and she grew more impatient that her mom can’t even understand a simple term that is frequently used in her class – electricity liftoff…

But for me, who just couldn’t go ahead a moment without knowing the meaning of ‘electricity lift off’ – started giving her options with different words that rhymed with electricity …






….. with each word her frustration went up the roof and mine too….

Then, she said mommy..  it is lit-elec-tri-city lift off

And suddenly I got the point, after 2 hrs of probing her and testing her patience….

It is ‘literacy lift off.’

Bless the teachers who taught the pronunciation and meaning of ‘literacy lift off’ to a 7-year-old, who is not able to read a full book all by herself…

And then I found in a google search

Literacy Lift Off is an intervention that gives children lots of opportunities to read books at their own level of competency and gradually lift the complexity of what they can do in both reading and writing.”

Now I am confused between us who REALLY need a literacy lift off…


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