Faith has an ethical component irrespective of the religious tag it is attached with. Ethics involve in systematically following the concepts of “Right and Wrong behaviour” by defending and recommending the aspects of “the good life”.

AHIMSA-non violence in action, words and thoughts is the key ethical value of Hinduism. In Ancient texts of Hinduism we come across “Nitisastra” which is the essential concept of virtue, good conduct and morality and forms the foundation of “Dharma” enabling everyone to attain the peace, harmony and prosperity. As Mr P V Kane rightly points out in his book “History of Dharmasastra”, while dharma is often referred to as duty, in all sense it means justice, right, moral, good and much more. Ethics in the Hindu philosophy is something that cannot be imposed, but something which is experienced, realized and lived up to by each individual without hampering, interfering and damaging the faith or Dharmic life of another.

As regards to Islamic ethics, it also unravels the importance and significance on realizing ones existence by submitting to the will of God. Islamic faith focuses on the need to have moral responsibility to be submissive to God and to move away from the materialistic influences which hampers the innate reflection. Islamic faith draws out distinctive characteristics which broaden the morals of individuals. Piety and Humility are the pillars of Islamic faith and which in turn lead to a peaceful, harmonical life for the individual and the society he belongs to. The conditions and controls put forth by the Islamic faith on passions and desires ultimately evolve as the “dharmic rule” for the Islamic faith.

Christian faith in general stresses the need for love, grace, mercy, forgiveness and to love one’s enemy. Christian ethics are founded upon the concept of “Grace “which transforms a person’s life and enable one to choose and act righteously. The concept of grace is applied to individual and to the society. The tenets like personal integrity, absence of hypocrisy, honesty, loyalty etc form the integral parts of Christian ethical faith. Ethics in Christian faith reiterates the need for due consideration for fellow being in the moral and physical environment.

Religious faith in its very essence promotes integrity, peace, harmony, love, care and upholds the “rights “in the behaviour and action. There is no difference or barrier among religions around the world in upholding this virtue. Unfortunately, real understanding of the faith and its virtues have been misinterpreted, manipulated and covered under the black carpet of intense religious hatred campaign by vested interest individuals and organizations leading to an explosive unrest situation across the globe now. The evolvement of new generation fundamentalists with deceptive motives and intentions mud away the ethics and virtues of the religious faith for the benefit of their unscrupulous agenda.

We would notice that ethical values of any religions in the world does not teach and propagate hatred and disharmony. William James in his views on Ethics and Faith describes the doctrines of “Will to Believe” and” Right to Believe”. The dark shades of the fanatic faith today is that the Will to believe and Right to believe images have been tarnished with the misinterpretation of faith and being misused to propagate hatred and unrest. The Persian Historian Al Biruni who visited and stayed in India close to two decades in the early 11th century has described the ethical aspect of Indian life Ethical teachings of all religions are more or less the same. In the event the ethical faith give way to hatred faith, the the world becomes a war field for the religious fanatics and these evangelists will roar over the human blood.

Indian culture upholds the concept of peaceful co existence which is time tested and proven. Let the light of ethical faith pave way to eradicate the darkness of religious fanaticism from our minds. Let the canvas of religious faith be painted with colours of love, care and consideration.


  1. Anil 5 years ago

    A wonderful note, thanks..

  2. Haridasan 5 years ago

    Good article. Hope the world makes a note of it.

  3. Peter 5 years ago

    Well said…

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