When one looks at a work of art, what does she or he expect? Does one expect the art work to communicate? Should one try to understand a work of art?

Many a time I hear people saying that they don’t understand a particular painting. But then my question is, does one try to understand a beautiful flower? Does one try to decipher the chirping of birds? I suppose we just enjoy them. Just like a garden in bloom speaks directly to your heart, a piece of art also tries to touch your heart. It doesn’t speak any, particular language except for the language of the heart. That’s the reason art unites all, whereas all others whether it’s language, culture, religion or politics divide.

But just as one has to sharpen one’s senses to enjoy the nuances of nature better, a fine-tuning of one’s perceptions is required for a better appreciation of fine arts. And just like a kid who is brought up inside four walls away from nature would find it difficult to start appreciating nature, whatever his natural inclinations may be, a person who hasn’t got a chance to acquaint himself with art would find it difficult to appreciate it. Art appreciation is a gradual process, it has its own methods and grammar.

That’s the reason there should be atleast one piece of art in every home. It’s as important as having a cupboard of books. The earlier children are acquainted with art, the better would be their appreciation, familiarity and ease of interaction with art.

  1. Alias P Varghese 3 years ago

    Excellent piece of writing and marvellous and stimulating pieces of art….

  2. Meena Sriram 3 years ago

    Well articulated !!!

  3. Alex 3 years ago

    walking slow, deciphering the art around us is value of life…good thoughts

  4. Mary George Ittoop 3 years ago

    Beautiful paintings! Experiencing art is a personal experience. Each one of us would have a story to tell and there would be no ‘wrong ‘story,

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