As I experienced the magic of alternative therapies and the great escape from consuming medicines, running to the pharmacy, google for the side effects which lead to more anxiety, I considered the option of learning this art in order to heal myself. So my first experience was with Sujok – A Korean form of acupuncture. This therapy knowledge was equally amazing and It is here I learnt that simple blue and red pens can be used to relieve sever headaches, colds, pains etc. There on the quest for knowing more about colors began and I was set on the path of healing and learning alternative therapies. I started getting guidance from Prof. Ajay Mishra and went on to take up advance courses. color therapy helped me get results without using needles for acupuncture and instead use just colors.

Last two decades has witnessed a trend in people opting for alternative form of treatment with increasing loss of hope with conventional treatment modalities and therefore, resort to other forms of treatment like alternative medicine. Also it is predominantly popular in older age group and in the recent past young parents chose to administer alternative medicines for their off-springs. As always, you should consult with your healthcare provider about your specific health needs. While there are various schools of knowledge and each of them have found its place successfully in the world of healing, each school of thought should be viewed in its own space.

The use of color to promote healing and wellness is also called as Chroma-therapy where researchers in study how light enters into the body, whether through the eyes or the skin, and determines what effects it has on our brain and our body as a whole. Color can also enter the body through the skin. The energy from the color is transferred to the specific organs where the energy is needed. The Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Russia have proven that cells communicate with each other light also known as photons and microwaves. It has been discovered that white light helps relieve Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms and other types of depression. Color principles are also being used to help architects and town builders; not just in the field of psychology and medicine.

Nature has colors in abundance! Flora and Fauna, everywhere… it’s a feast of vibrant colors. The color of the apparel we wear many a times changes our mood. If we are in vibrant hues, our mood will be similar; while grey shade tends to make us feel dull. So to say, the direct effect of colors has been known for long, but how they would affect and most importantly which particular color affects in what manner was not commonly understood earlier. Just look around and you will find some similar basic colors in varied forms. The rainbow and light passing through prism splits into seven common colors. Sunlight has all these colors. Every color has different effect on a living body (Plants, Animal & Human). The brilliant white light that comes from the sun has the VIBGYOR. The color of light plays an important role during photosynthesis. Plants use only certain colors from light for the process of photosynthesis. The chlorophyll absorbs blue, red and violet light rays. Photosynthesis occurs more in blue and red light rays and less, or not at all, in green light rays. The light that is absorbed the best is blue, so this shows the highest rate of photosynthesis, after which comes red light. Green light cannot be absorbed by the plant, and thus cannot be used for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll looks green because it absorbs red and blue light, making these colors unavailable to be seen by our eyes. It is the green light which is not absorbed that finally reaches our eyes, making the chlorophyll appear green. In combination of the effective protocols that has been devised in Acupuncture/Acupressure, it is also understood that the Ten Elements/Energies are located on our Ten related fingers and two thumbs on two hands and ten toes in two feet. A healing Semblance System similar and corresponding to our body is located on each finger and toe. Each organ and part of body has its own corresponding location on our finger or toe. When a disease occurs in any organ or part of body then pain points occur in the corresponding area on the fingers/toes. Treating with Colors has found to be more efficient and can be administered by a person with some basic knowledge of colors and its characteristics. There are no limitations of not having a specific tool or space or time. Sky is the limit!! The colors are applied at a specific energy point and they penetrate skin to alter the Energy Point underneath thus providing the appropriate healing to the ailment. Once administered, the person can continue with his/her daily chores. The treatment is carried out using sketch pens or markers that are easily available in the market. However, if one is able to find natural colors which is free of chemicals or is non-toxic, the effect would be at its best.

Colour therapists report to have witnessed instant results in patients when administered with simple colours. The colors administered are to be retained on the hand for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a day until the disease is cured and when there are no symptoms continue the treatment for one more week and then you could stop the treatment. The duration of treatment includes 2-7 days for acute diseases 2-7 days and chronic diseases one week post the cure of the disease. The best results are experienced when applied in the presence of sunlight, however it provides good results even when applied under the light of electric lamps.

Colors emit light of a certain frequency/wavelength and like other tools mentioned before, that a particular light penetrates the skin and directly affects the Energy points underneath. Faster relief have been observed when treated with colors with right diagnosis and on accurate points. Colors have emerged as the most acceptable alternate therapy and have gained world-wide acceptance. Most of the research worldwide is being conducted on this methodology. Every color emits light which is absorbed by the energy points underneath the skin. Administering an appropriate color can alter the energy point and enables very effective treatment resulting in faster healing.

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