A very effective protocol has been devised in Ten Origin Concept of Acupuncture/Acupressure. We consider the TEN elements as the basic elements constituting body and the treatment are based on balancing these elements/energies. These Ten Elements/Energies are located on our Ten related fingers and two thumbs on two hands and ten toes in two feet. The elements located from rarer to denser in the physical element (1,2,3,4,5) and denser to rarer in metaphysical element (6,7,8,9,0)

In Ayurveda, our body consists of: Aakash (Space or Sky); Vayu (Wind); Agni (Fire); Jal (Water); Prithvi (Earth).

In addition to the 5 Physical Elements, our body has 5 Metaphysical Elements: Kaal (Time); Disha (Direction); Mann (Mind); Aatma (Soul) Tam (Nothingness).

So the Ten elements are

1. Aakash – Little Finger of Right Hand – (Space or Sky) – Violet or Purple

2. Vayu – Little Finger of Left Hand – (Wind) Indigo (Dark Blue or common Blue)

3. Agni – Index Finger of Left Hand – (Fire) Blue (Sky Blue or Light Blue)

4. Jal – Index Finger of Right Hand – (Water) Green

5. Prithvi – Ring Finger of Right Hand – (Earth) Yellow

6. Kaal – Ring Finger of Left Hand – (Time) Orange

7. Disha – Middle Finger of Left Hand – (Direction) Red

8. Mann – Middle Finger of Right Hand – (Mind) Pink

9. Aatma – Thumb of Left Hand – (Soul) White or Grey

10. Tam – Thumb of Right Hand – (Nothingness) Black

These corresponding colours are applied on the corresponding points on the hand. Well, it would be interesting to know that our palm has the entire body corresponding points. These are referred to as semblance, correspondence etc., in the healing terminology. Reflexology is based on these semblance points although that is a different and an exclusive topic altogether. the picture attached shows the corresponding organs or parts of our body and their representation on our palm

Remember the school days when we used to draw the eyes, nose and mouth to play with our little classmates. Today we are learning that the same points can be used to relieve ailments in these areas corresponding to the body. Wow!!

Each colour has its attributes and this knowledge is used to heal. For eg. Akash is violet – The color violet gives flexibility to the body. It provides softness, permeability and it makes you lighter. Vayu – The dark blue color has a drying effect and makes things rough, transparent, subtle. Agni – The sky blue colour has a heating effect and Jal gives the cooling effect. Prithvi – Yellow – attributes are slow, solid , stable. Kaal – time is sensitivity and Disha is attributed to direction. Mann – is mind and then we have everything and nothingness. I have given a gist of all attributes. There is much more to know which the book elaborates.

The therapist listens to the patient, understands the ailment, analyses the causes and then educates the patient why and which point is administered with the colours for treatment. This will help the patient be more responsive and thus facilitate an effective treatment, for e.g., if there is a patient who complained of a knee pain. The patient is asked to point out the area where the pain is felt and identify the semblance point, right questions are asked to help identify the problem and then the colors are administered. The relief can be immediate and some may need 7 days treatment and chronic cases will need longer treatments. In the next reading, I shall posts few treatments that are in the book which any one can use. I hope this gave you a new perspective on how colors can be used for treatment of various ailments.. Sky is the limit !

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  2. Haridasan 5 years ago

    Wonderful piece of information. Thanks for sharing..

  3. Retnakaran 5 years ago

    Good to know this about new therapy.

  4. Author
    Mini Gopalan 5 years ago

    Thank you for reading. It is indeed a easy therapy and works as beautifully as the colors. Will share few treatment methods for your benefit. The rest are in the book 🙂

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