As described earlier, each finger in our hand has resembling or corresponding points of each of the body part. Top part  or the first phalanx has the head and the Neck , the middle or the second phalanx has the lungs, heart and relevant area of spinal cord on back and right and left arms on either side. The third phalanx has the organs in the abdomens region.  The front side is called the Yin side and the back side is called as Yang side of the finger.

For treatments the colors are applied to the corresponding or the semblance points to get desired results. There are no side effects. To enhance the function of the organ the color of the element is applied and to reduce the excessive energy, the next or the subsequent color of the element is used to achieve the desired results.  So if element no 3 which is left index finger liver semblance needs to be enhanced, then apply sky blue on the liver point.  ( refer the previous articles for clarification).

If some one is moody, then take a pink sketch pen and draw two pink dots on the yang brain on both middle fingers. You will notice that the person calms down and is more receptive. Similarly if some one is having an eye pain just apply green color on the eye semblance points, if the pain persists apply green on the liver points on both index fingers and the person will be relieved of pain almost instantly. However, care should be taken if the eye pain persists, then the underlying reasons could be something different.

For constipation, color both third phalanx on both the index fingers with green and you will notice your bowel movements are getting normal. However, for severe constipation, you may want to consider applying a different protocol.  After applying colors leave on for 6 hrs, in case you chose to wash your hands in the interim, please reapply the colors.


Am posting few pictures of the treatment for your perusal. The book that am writing about has around 50 protocols for most common ailments. Classes are regularly conducted in Bangalore, Delhi, Lucknow. Those of you who are interested to buy the book can contact me  through Jwalanam.

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