A red heart
For the blacks and non-blacks.

How did I turn black?
How you became white?
Who owns the colours of this nature?
Who is the god?
What’s the formula-
To groom you and me,
For a better tomorrow.

You drink my blood
As you celebrate, yourself
I give my blood
As I see you struggle for life.

Red, black, white, etc.
What colour will you choose?
To propagate humanity.

  1. Sam 5 years ago

    Beautifully said… what the colors stand for? who owns them? what is the colour of humanity, if at all such a thing (humanity) exists any more? Unfortunately, no answers…. Very crucial questions thrown open to today’s society! Hope good sense will prevail.. Thanks.

  2. Haridasan 5 years ago

    Questions we need to ask ourselves and to find answers… nice

  3. Pramod 5 years ago

    Nice lines… Humanity does not have a particular colour… but no one realizes it… thanks

  4. Retnakaran 5 years ago

    Wonderful thoughts…

  5. Mini Gopalan 5 years ago


  6. Babu Raj 5 years ago


  7. Faith 5 years ago


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