Let all of us help these people who don’t have four walls
let them feel a little enclosed.

Show some affection for them
because they’re not having a ball.

Stop feeling pity for them
and do something for them all.

Give them some cloths give them some food
so at least they won’t die.

Make they feel happy
and tell them not to cry.

Show them the right direction
so they can be successful in life.

Tell them they are great
and make them stop thinking they have bad fate.

Tell them to send their children to school
or they won’t do anything in life and turn out be a fool.

So help them with the bottom of your heart
and give them all the love you could and should.

  1. Retnakaran 3 years ago


  2. Mary George Ittoop 3 years ago

    You have so poetically put forth the need for action!

  3. Sadiq 3 years ago

    Noticing the burning problems of human beings around the world and expressing empathy on miserable people….
    Great thought of Nirupama…

  4. Sheema 3 years ago

    Good lines.Nirupama.

  5. Fehmida 3 years ago

    Great thought my girl…keep writing… Pen can create miracles

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