Are we really the smartest of all,
Because all I see is racism and stereotypes in all.

We tease , judge and bully people,
Is that what we are made for?

We never think of each other,
and cry for all.

We long for peace,
But do nothing at all.

Why can’t we help each other,
if we are the smartest of all.

Is there any peace left in this world,
because all I see is racism and stereotypes in all…..

  1. Retnakaran 5 years ago

    Touching lines, Nirupama. “We long for peace, ..But do nothing at all”- the world needs good samaritans like you…

  2. Mary George 5 years ago

    Your poem beautifully expresses the growing intolerance and strife in our world today.

  3. Faith 4 years ago

    I always wondered too, why somebody doesn’t do anything about it, then I realised even i could be that somebody.. we feel we are nobody, but together we can be somebody..

  4. Fehmida 4 years ago

    All v need is to take initiative… And that’s all v lack…..Go on writing my dear

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