Yesterday I attended the Nineveh convention in our church where the speaker for the day was Rev. Dr. Mothy Varkey. During the course of his talk, he touched upon the aspect of humanity and what it means to be human. While I was thinking about what he said, I felt that in today’s world, we need to reexamine our lives and our surroundings and see how we can become better human beings.

Being compassionate is what differentiates and defines us as humans. Irrespective of age, gender, religion and social status we should be able to empathize with one another and in simple words-JUST CARE. Instead of taking pictures and selfies to post on facebook, instagram and twitter, we can put our cell phones away and have a conversation with each other. We can look into the eyes of the other person and actually see and comprehend the struggles, pain and joy they are going through. These days I feel sad to notice families at restaurants sitting together at the same table but each one engrossed with the gadget in front of them. That scares me, because I feel people are starting to lose their ability to understand and connect with each other and it starts off in a big way right in the basic unit of society, the family itself. Why do we give ourselves permission to distance our loved ones who are sitting right across the table? Isn’t it something to think about?

Though I am the biggest fan of whatsapp and see it’s myriads of beneficial uses, I feel that it has actually become a medium to talk a whole lot but say hardly anything meaningful. It is amazing how people will send forwards to every person they know but will rarely reply to a question or query posted. Maybe instead of sending ten forwards we should try to pick up the phone and have one meaningful conversation with someone. Rev. Dr. Mothy asked a very pertinent question…when was the last time you met a human being? I posed this question to myself… When was the last time I was there for someone?… When was the last time I did an unselfish act, when did I last put someone’s needs before my own? I am not proud to say that the answers made me a little uncomfortable.

But acceptance of the issue is the first step to change and realization. So I hope we can all ask ourselves this question today, “how can I be a better human being?” and work onward from there. Every small step forward is ultimately a step in the right direction.

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  1. Karan 5 years ago

    Let’s take that small step forward…

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