Day today incidents of survival, as an Indian “accented” naturalised Irish in Ireland. A culturally shocked mom’s daily parenting struggles, in raising two Irish daughters who don’t know their roots, yet. No two days are similar when Indian parents and Irish daughters live under the same roof. You are not allowed to be nostalgic when your daughters don’t know anything about India. Blame the mom, who is letting them grow like their multi-national friends.

I intend to use “My Space” in Jwalanam to share my parenting experiences in the coming days…

-Swathi Sasidharan

  1. Anupama 2 weeks ago

    Parenting is always challenging. Challenges will only increase when you have two daughters who are born and brought up in a different environment.. Loo forward to your notes…

    • Swathi Sasidharan 2 weeks ago

      Thank you so much Anupama. As you said, yes of course it is, especially with a pair of daughters,(6y and 4y) brought up in another culture.

  2. Anil 2 weeks ago

    All the best

  3. Sreenath 2 weeks ago

    Best wishes..

  4. Leena 2 weeks ago

    All the best swathi… looking forward to your writings!!!!!

  5. Daksha 2 weeks ago

    All the best

  6. Baburaj 1 week ago

    All the best… Looking forward to read your experiences…

  7. Chandradas 1 week ago

    Good to read such real life experiences…

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