Life is a Kindling Catalyst

Perplexed at times,
Complicated to the core,
Invisible to the naked,
Impossible to the trotter.

Life is a Kindling balance

Convertible to the optimist,
Irreversible to the pessimist,
Battle ground for the Challengers,
Colourful for the Joyful.

Life is a Kindling hope

Uncertain for the unplanned,
Assurance for the determined,
Value for the focused,
Undue for the opportunists.

Life is a Kindling faith

Lamp for the learners,
Wall for the thoughtful,
Opportunity for the helpful,
Deprived for the oppressed.

Life is a kindling Healer

  1. Anil 4 years ago

    A great presentation of life.

  2. Haridasan 4 years ago


  3. Arpita Roy 4 years ago

    Wonderful, Alias..

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