I have no clue how I survived the past week with my six and four-year-olds. First, for the first five days, their dad was out of Ireland, which left me more or like a single mother.

Now even if I am on leave now, my blood pressure was shooting high, while making both kids ready for school by 9 am and dress myself, respectable enough to drop them. (Sometimes I just put a jacket over my pyjamas and flip flops and get into the car! Wait till my kids warn me against my dress sense!)

Now I had loads of clothes to wash – and then to dry – and then to sort- and then to fold (now, it is not my fault that I am obsessed with sorting!)

So, after doing all these for the four people in the house, the kids who felt like they were jailed inside the house, because of me, saw our neighbour’s kid SJ (who is also a classmate of my younger) playing in the backyard.

I was sweating, running behind them (especially the younger) when they also went outside to play with SJ. So, I asked my neighbours if they could look after my girls as well so that I can take a shower peacefully.

When I came back at 7:30 our living room was full of three toddlers and two adults having the fun of their life. Anyway, as far as I remember that was the only peaceful time I got last week.

I was totally surprised that not even ‘daddy’s little girl didn’t even bother to ask about his absence. She was more than happy if she got her “innocent” smoothie to fill her tummy and her Huawei MediaPad T3 10 tablet, to see her ‘Blippi’.

Now her dad has a huge collection of technical books. As we ran out of space in our library, he started collecting eBooks. So, he wanted a tablet to save and read them. Guess what happened!!

The moment it entered our house, I haven’t seen the tablet in his hands. My younger one became the self-proclaimed owner of it.

Its screen is dirty and sticky with dried Weetabix, orange juice, butter, sausage etc. Whenever I notice that I take antibacterial wipes and clean it – only to see its condition remaining unchanged, the very next day.

Now as my elder had this multi-cultural week, dress-up day in school, I found a long skirt and blouse which was her last year’s birthday gift from her grandparents.

She was a bit late that day in school (of course I was a single mom for one week), and when others saw her, I think she felt like an Indian princess and went all shy. So her teacher took her to class one, where another girl was also wearing a similar dress.

As my younger is enrolled to be in full-time(9-6) creche (we pay extra for it, to improve her social skills), we girls (my elder and me) planned to have a haircut. The salon which was run by Asians (Chinese) was superb as well as cheaper than those branded Peter Marks.

I just wanted a trim for her, but Mark got so excited and did a bridesmaid type of hairdo to her, braided full and with a golden butterfly and green sticky glitter and multicoloured glitters.

She felt like she was being treated like a princess and seemed to enjoy every moment of it. Anyway, Mark gave me a voucher and loyalty card as we always go to him, as it seems they are good at cutting Asian hair.

I arranged my appointment with Mark, the very next day itself and almost got a ‘military cut’. He even shaved my neck. The first reaction from my girl was ‘oh! My goodness, mommy, you look like a boy!’

I really don’t know if she meant it in a positive way or otherwise. Anyway, I didn’t care. I was happy that my head wouldn’t even need to see a comb anymore.

Things were looking well and good till my husband came back. As it was a sunny day, he thought of teaching bike riding to my elder. But soon my younger sensed that she is going to have ONLY the tricycle.

Without saying a word, she threw away her jacket and shoes and woolen cap and stormed inside and went and sat in a corner.

Now there ended another episode that was expected to be stormy. Later to compliment, my younger wore her sister’s pink bike-helmet and performed a ‘ninja’ dance exclusively for me!

Today I cooked the vegetarian dishes, rice and also cut the fish, (one type for curry and another for fry), and came upstairs to write this article. My husband cooks non-veg dishes very well.

The moment I sat with my laptop to write, I heard him shout ‘Take her and go, I can’t manage this one’. Now I had no clue what happened in the past ten minutes. All was well till I came upstairs. As I know my younger one’s character, I ran down.

There I saw that she had locked herself in the toilet!!!  (so that no one enters inside to help her clean. Currently, she is on the do-it-all-by-myself phase!) But now she can’t open it. My husband took a spoon, and using it somehow opened the lock from outside. She came out coolly.

I dragged her upstairs and kept my work aside to have my full watch on her. After giving her dinner confiscated her tablet, and put her to bed.

After a series of screams, kicks and wails she is now asleep. And then I came and wrote this.

Tomorrow Easter holidays start. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday are holidays. And we will be witnessing many surprises, I guess !!

– Swathi Sasidharan

  1. Babu Raj 1 year ago

    Interesting.. take care.

  2. Prasad 1 year ago

    All the best…

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