She was Nisha
The Nisha who cheered us up every moment when around
She was smile
The smile which cherishes us still
She was simplicity
The Simplicity which every one wish to achieve
She was humbleness
The humbleness which made us grounded
She was mother
The mother who held her children under her warmth always
She was wife
The wife who was a friend, philosopher and guide to her husband
She was daughter
The daughter who was a bliss to her parents
She was sister
The sister who rendered her unmatched affection to her brother
She was friend
The friend who was indeed a shelter and support
She was Culinarian
The culinarian who mesmerized us with her skill and passion
She was Faith
The faith which was ardent and rooted
She was Spirituality
The Spirituality which was above the rituals
She was an Organizer
The Organizer who went beyond to make things happen
She was Social Activist
The Social activist who stood up for the good cause
She was Environmentalist
The environmentalist who vehemently propagated the Green Mantra
She was writer
The Writer who used her creativity to spread her values and beliefs
She was Loss of April
The Loss of April that we can not write off

(Note: This is a tribute to friend Late Nisha Annie Kurien who was a member of the Jwalanam Community . She flew to the other world on 14th April 2019 to be among the Angels)


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