• Nostalgia, etymologically,  comes from Greek roots nostos meaning returning home and algos meaning pain. This story literally justifies the roots.

    We were living in a small house by the road belonging to a

  • Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost… Unknown…

    Quite often, my niece wants an escape from her Bangalorean concrete jungle. We were seven, decided to take a short dive to Munnar. Rented a Crysta, off

  • On an official trip to Palakkad, I accompanied Sreehari on a cloudy day with more of a culinary detour in mind. It was an orange alert in Thrissur District, we set off carefree with the feeling all these alerts

  • It was wedding season in September, we attended one in our hometown and we had to rush for an engagement in Cochin the same evening. It was at a five star hotel and one of the few such outings, we, the less

  • His name was not but he wished to be called George Haroun Roy, perhaps, a jumble of names from the various books he read. He detested being part of the establishment. Let us call him Haroun.

    Haroun grew up in a

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