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    rasam is a south indian recipe. rasam has spices and which is considered to be a good for health. Which can easily make with rasam powder.

    2 nos Ripe tomatoTamarind (medium gooseberry


    Kadala Curry

    kerala style kadala curry is very tasty and easy to make recipe. Usually puttu is the perfect combo of kadala curry.Learn how to make kadala curry in simple procedures.

    For Masala


    Vegetable Cutlet

    Vegetable cutlet served as a tea snack. It can also used to make vegetable burger.

    2 cups cubed potatoes(2 large)(sweet potatoes or yam)1/2 cups green peas1/2 cup cubed


    Mutton masala

    mutton masala recipe- with simple ingrediants and steps you can make delicious mutton masala recipe within minutes.

    500 gms mutton pieces/meat ( cut and washed well)3 tbsp


    Kothu parotta

    kothu parotta is a popular street food from india. They make it so quickly. You can use scissors or knife to chop them into pieces.

    2 frozen parotta1 big Onion1 big Capsicum3


    Prawns Biriyani

    Biryani comes with many different varieties. but among all the biryani recipes, prawn biryani is the most versatile biryani recipe.

    300 gm prawns (shelled, cleaned and


    Roasted Coconut Masala Beef Fry

    Beef fry, flavoured with black pepper, curry leaves, coconut bits and coconut oil is very Delicious. It is the most flavoured recipe in india , and Indian Cuisine


    Chicken Ghee Roast

    chicken ghee roast dish tastes and looks wonderful and it is more popular in karnataka.

    800 gms Chicken (dressed and cut into bite size pieces)1 cup Yogurt 1 tsp Red Chile


    Pepper Chicken

    Pepper Chicken recipe is very easy to make and perfect for winter season. 

    1 kg chopped chickenOil2 tsp crushed pepper1 green chilli2 onionsCurry Leaves1 tsp g


    Butter chicken

    Butter chicken is the popular Indian dish.Learn how to make Butter chicken at home with the step by step instructions. 

    700 Gram Raw chickenFor the Marinade:1 tsp Red chilli p


    Masala Dosa

    masala dosa is a popular south indian food. making of masala dosa is a long process,but its worth it.

    1-1/2 cups long grain rice1/2 cup urad dal ((polished black lentil or white

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    olan is white and mild curry with flavours of coconut milk.

    1 cup Ash gourd (kumbalanga)1 cup Yellow pumpkin (Mathanga )3-4 slit Green chilli3/4 cup Thin coconut milk1/2 cup Thick coconut

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    parotta made from maida flour,orinating from indian cuisine.looks like a layered flatbread.

    1 tsp Sugar 1/3 -1/2 cups Oil (approx) Water (as required)1 tsp Salt 4 cups Maida


    Mutton Biriyani

    Mutton biriyani tastes yummy and absolutely delicious simple recipe to make.

    For Marination:1 Onion (sliced)2 desert spoon Curd -½ tbsp Turmeric powder 1 tbsp Pepper powder1 t

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    Puttu is kerala’s emblematic breakfast and it is cylindrical steamed rice with graped coconut.

    1 kg Puttu podi (roasted rice flour) 2 nos Grated coconutSalt ( to taste)400 ml Water



    Iddiyappam as “Noolappam ” made by steaming process is a common breakfast food item in Kerala.

    1 cup Rice flour 1.3 – 1.5 cups WaterSalt (as needed)1 tsp Gingely oil1 cup Grated


    Pork Roast

    Pork Roast makes highly flavorful taste.Perfect for any traditional Sunday roast.

    2 medium onions (chopped)2 medium carrots (chopped)1 celery rib (chopped)4 tbsp all-purpose


    Veg Fried Rice

    Veg fried rice is the perfect way to include the veggies in your kids.

    1 tbsp oil2-3 cloves garlic (chopped)1 red chilli (chopped)1 tbsp carrots (chopped)3-4 baby corn


    Egg Biriyani

    Egg biriyani is popular in North India which made with basmati rice, spices and eggs. 

    2 cup soaked,washed & dried basmati rice4 cinnamon1 black cardamom4 boiled egg2 sliced o



    Palpayasam is rich ,creamy and tastes heavenly.

    4 cups Milk 3 cups Water⅔ cups Rice (i used here red rice)1 cup Sugar2,3 Cardamom (pods crushed)10 Cashewnuts (toasted in gh

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