It was wedding season in September, we attended one in our hometown and we had to rush for an engagement in Cochin the same evening. It was at a five star hotel and one of the few such outings, we, the less privileged, can afford to.

Normally main attraction at such venues is food, rather than the wedded couple. But the five star cuisine  disappoints unlike the  delicious food at the small eateries although we  miss captions like ‘steak topped with pink pepper’, ‘sauteed fresh trout with parsley’, ‘petite prawn sausage, …’

Expecting a major traffic jam, we started quite early, all decked up, the driver, very familiar with the route, avoided all the busy roads, landed sharp on time for the function.

It was a huge crowd, and the boy dressed in western attire was accompanied to the stage in pucca ‘nadan’ fashion with a parasol. The girl was dressed in a bright golden yellow saree, with a single bangle and large eardrops, matching choker, looking elegant and pretty. She was led in by a battalion of girls dressed in typical Kerala style saree and jasmine garlanded hairdo.

After the engagement ceremony and usual introduction, everyone turned  to entertain themselves. As I mentioned earlier, the spread was immense and I was pretty confused, decided on a simple dosa and load of sweets.

When I proceeded to the dosa corner, there was just another lady. Quite flummoxed at 10 plus fillings  available, anticipating a suggestion,  glanced at her with awe. She kindly said, ordered for a plain one, you can choose. I opted for  a less spicy potato with cheese.

When me and my niece settled at a table with a decent spread of sweets, right there, was my dosa corner friend! She was looking for a Doctor friend, a pre-university batch mate, unable to locate among the crowd. I told her that’s my cousin and the job is done! My niece called him and he said he will be there in a few minutes.

By the time my cousin appeared out of no where with a tall man, we exchanged some pleasantries. My niece clicked a picture of the trio and I claimed you should mention me in your Whatsapp group when you post this picture. We parted and they moved to a quieter place.

After they left, he came back to us, while chatting, he referred to his childhood friend, waxed eloquent about the college days and added her husband was a former DGP!

I was shell shocked, she was just humility personified! Revealed!  Osho ‘Be humble, no one can humiliate you, be egoless, no one can hurt you!’

Easier said for me at least! Wife  of a former DGP and a Professor herself!!

I got her number from my cousin, striking a rapport, contacted on Whatsapp. She responded in no time. That’s the magic created by a simple ghee roast!

A lot can happen over a ghee roast, not only CCD coffee,  got a new friend,  friendship sans generation gap!


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