All of us in our life have encountered problems. Many deal with it and hence have good coping skills, Some may not be very good at solving the problems at hand and that is when they mess with the whole situation and time. Time lost is never reversible.

So, let’s begin to understand what is a problem? Is it possible to “teach””problem solving skills? Do you think another person will be able to solve your problem better than you can do?

A problem is a gap between a current state and a desired state. The gap may be from ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’. Being a good listener is the key step. That is when you do not miss anything. When you are in a problem situation, do not panic. Analyse your problems, Identify the severity of the problem and assess the impact of the solutions and also the alternative solutions.  Learn to use available resources to resolve issues in a constructive manner. Keep your ego aside. Reach a consensus by seeing a problem from a professional angle rather than personal perspective especially at work place.

Problem solving is a process of closing that Gap and one needs to step beyond the obvious need of the situation; to question the basic assumptions of the problem and to take a data-based and structured approach to problem solving. Be innovative. If creativity is aligned with problem solving skills you will come up with the best possible course of action for a particular problem.

If you are clouded with your thoughts, think of a brainstorming. Put your problem with your close ones and talk about it. Allow people to think freely through your problem and mind not to let others take over and hijack from the problem statement. Sometimes, parents or managers or the so called responsible people carry too much on their shoulders. Have faith and trust in your younger ones or subordinates and delegate the responsibilities, so that you can work and take more time to resolve your problem. Evaluate each time.

Also, be appreciative. Identify the positives, consider what works well and has been working well else where. In companies, look at best practices. Execute the ideas .

So to say. the art is to identify the problem, fixing the problem, ( may not always be necessary) identify the root causes , Generating alternative solutions, select most suitable solution, implement and evaluate.

Avoid making Judgement, trust on Analytical skills, being decisive in imperative, collect necessary information and then plan .  One needs to understand , ask the right questions, rephrase the problem.

Over all one needs to have a can do attitude.  Let facts alone influence your decision and not perception. Ignore all arguments and examine facts. Look for missing info. We can solve issues better by being collaborative.

Finally it is all of staying POSITIVE and I CAN DO IT attitude. Be realistic !


  1. Peter 5 years ago

    Thanks for such an useful article…

  2. Haridasan 5 years ago

    Thanks, it is really helpful.

  3. Retnakaran 5 years ago

    Wonderful note..

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