As I tread along a path chosen to a destination I know not,
Dwell in the past I do not, peep into the future I dare not!
I take with me the pleasant breeze from the winter gone,
And I take with me rays of hope into the approaching weathers!
Flashes of pain pierce through my heart,
Some make me bleed and some make me ache!
Without a care I hop on,
Over the bridges and through the creek!
I dance and sing and try to find a chorus,
To keep me company along this trek!
Some sing along and remain a music in my life,
While others shy away and fade into a note unheard!
I march on looking for a matter unknown,
Looking for an answer with no reply!
In this jog of life I fall,
Hurt my knees and cloud my eyes!
There are rocks and pricks on the path,
There are nails thrown all around!
And yet,
I skip and tumble unperturbed,
I see roses waiting to be found among the thorns!

  1. Peter 11 months ago

    Beautiful lines…

  2. Haridasan 11 months ago


  3. Fehmida 11 months ago

    Beautiful explanation of life..

  4. shaju parackel 11 months ago


  5. Mary George Ittoop 11 months ago

    Lovely lines….. Very touching

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