The only place where parents are wrong is when they say
Children don’t need to play

But they don’t understand that
Sports is special in its own way

So leave your books and enjoy your sports life
Because studies is not the only thing in which you should rise

So leave your house and have a run
Because everyone should get some time to have fun

Sports should never fall apart
Because it is in every kid’s heart

There are so many thing in sports you could do,
But studying is important too!

  1. Anil 4 years ago

    Nice, Nirupama. Enjoy vacation. Study too!

  2. Haridasan 4 years ago

    Well written, Nirupama. Have a great vacation. Enjoy sports. Study as well…

  3. Fehmida 4 years ago

    Niru…too good dear… Keep writing

  4. Mridula prabhakaran 4 years ago

    Wonderful nirupama..keep writing..luv you dear

  5. Sheema 4 years ago

    Enjoy vocation nirupama

  6. Retnakaran 4 years ago


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