Diaphanous curtains billowed in the summer winds of 1962. I walked over to the ornately carved chair beneath the window and glanced outside with one leg propped against the plush cushions while the other on my toes. The anklets on my feet jingled impatiently as if tethered down. The henna from my hair laced the air with the earthy sweet smell and my tresses glowed reddish- black against the slanting rays of the sun.

My eyebrows creased into a frown shielding and squinting from the summer sun. My veins seemed on fire and blood coursed though it expectant of more warmth. My gaze traveled towards the staircase, knowing that was where my destiny would draw me. Would it be today or tomorrow? My impatient painted fingernails tapped on the window ledge as I hummed a melancholic song from yesteryear.

The story needed to be told.

The pages were stuck between the beginning and the end…

  1. Anil 4 years ago

    Good. Liked it..

  2. Haridasan 4 years ago

    Good thoughts…

  3. nice note

  4. Retnakaran 4 years ago

    Nice. Expecting more…

  5. Author
    Suja Sukumaran 4 years ago

    Thank you for stopping by and the appreciation.

  6. Pramod 4 years ago

    yes, the story need to be told.. open up the stuck pages…

  7. Sujatha Suresh 4 years ago

    Made me travel!! Visually read through it… Beautiful!! Is henna pungent or a very faint yet strong smell

  8. Vasantha 4 years ago

    Oh so beautifully worded Suja. I could literally visualize a young girl gazing out the window and felt and smelt everything you’ve described. Can’t wait to read more …… we’re all hooked now! 🙂

  9. Shalini 4 years ago

    The narrative had to move else is a teaser!;)

  10. Author
    Suja Sukumaran 4 years ago

    Thanks Shalini, Vasantha, Sujatha Suresh, Pramod and others for stopping by.
    Yes! The Quill stopped mid story… Hoping it will pick it up someday 🙂

  11. sunil 4 years ago


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