Have you thought of an Emotion Gym.. ? think about one, you will stay healthier 🙂 Ever wondered why a person who is a fitness freak develops a heart disease or a diabetes or a slip disc..? Well , the person did not think of an emotional Gym! In this digital era where existence itself has become nothing but virtual presence, emojis are a blessing! One is able to express as you key in those messages without grammar, spell check etc. etc. They come so handy when you want to express all that you want the other person to know. Expressing your emotions is very imperative, however watch out what are those thoughts that are forming that are resulting in emotions that you may or may not want to express and then how they manifests as pains or aches and diseases in your body. Alas! I wish this was not so complicated, but it is so true!

Last week, at my office, this individual walks up to me and says “Ma ám , I have this calf muscle pain, other wise am just so fit. I exercise and I can do anything. Do you have a remedy for this?” I responded , “of course, I could treat you through acupuncture, or color therapy, however a simple advice is stop being jealous on others and it is time to focus on yourself”. Her jaws dropped and she had a surprised look on her face. She asked me if I was reading her mind? I said with a smile, “no my dear, It’s just your pain screaming out to you to stop being jealous”. That is when she reveals, she has been quite focused on her friend and getting annoyed on irrelevant things and being picky with her. She realized that it was mere jealousy on some reasons which she talked at length and left my cabin as she decided to watch out on her emotions. Well, I did not treat her, just asked her to refocus on her thoughts and continue speaking to me how she does that. In couple of days, she not only recovered from her calf muscle pain, but also her stiffness in the ankle and so on. She was awe about the insight I gave her about emotions and its effects.

I have been working with engineers for 2 decades now in the IT and ITES companies. Most of them have stiffness in their neck, back pain, calf muscle pain, knee pain, cervical spondylitis. It would be interesting for you to know how our emotions and thoughts can affect our pains and aches in the body.. I have listed a few..

A person struggling with work life balance and the inability to express what one feels due to conflict between what your heart says and the logic mind is a good ground for developing cervical spondylitis.

Experiencing neck pain may indicate that you have trouble forgiving others or yourself . Someone who has taken up more than what they can chew , I meant responsibility beyond one’s ability and capability or even over burdened can have neck and shoulder pain. Now you know where the common saying “shouldering a problem” comes from.

Pain in elbow may suggest that you are resisting changes in your life or lack adaptability. Be willing to take risks or trying something new.

Some one who has eye problems are usually struggling with the emotion and has not been liking what there are witnessing or seeing in personal life and his views. Inability to shed tears car lead to glaucoma

Many women suffer from vertigo and this is usually faced by a person who has been facing emotional trauma due to consistently hearing unpleasant things in their life about themselves or about their dear and near ones.

Insomnia is logically connected to overactive thinking and mental activity.

Some one who is ailing from a Jaw pain is a person who has not been able to or restricts from expressing himself or herself.

Anger and helplessness results in problems with spleen, liver, digestion problems or even a stored anger can lead to upper back aches.

While sadness and negative thoughts leads to burning in chest, stomach, gastritis and so on.

Did you know that if you start getting rigid or you are clueless of how to move forward in your life, then you can suffer from knee pain. You may want to consider helping others.

Unresolved issues in relationships can lead to low back pain, refusal to acknowledge unresolved emotions, damage in purpose of life weakened abilities to create and achieve can all lead to lower back pain, slip disc, spinal spondylitis.

Again, lack of emotional support may result in experiencing upper back pain. If you believe that no one understands or loves you, then you should consider talking to your friends and family about this issue.

Always keep in mind that instead of letting negative emotions to overload your mind, try to manage them once they begin to arise. All the resolutions are within you and that is it is told look within and you will find a solution.

You have the healing power within you. All you need is to focus within and attack the root cause of the problem which is not outside. It is mostly in you and within you. Re-focus, Re-align, Re-center and stay connected with your higher self and be free of ailments. Remember Freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. Be responsible for self and self-creation world around you.

  1. Haridasan 5 years ago

    Thanks for this valuable note..

    • Arpita Roy 5 years ago

      What a wonderful article,real eye opener.

      • Mini Gopalan 5 years ago

        yes Arpita.Indeed . It’s a great insight into how much wholistically body is integrated.

  2. Retnakaran 5 years ago

    Very information and useful. Thank you!

  3. Mini Gopalan 5 years ago

    thank you all for reading

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