Half an hour after the car had driven away from the dark, dusty old garage on twelfth street, the garage owner made a startling discovery…….

He rushed to the old rust  ,antique phone hanging on the dark grey walls with a sign that read “Marlin’s Car Parlour” fading into time. Pulling out the old dusty book in which he kept records of all his customers…he looked for the date 14.02.2017  for that was his birthday and then to the number of the man in the dark grey overcoat who had driven in his old Prius for a regular check and some tuning. He picked up the receiver and spun the dial ….

Tring…..tring…tring….the phone’s old antique dial tone rang into his ear until the operator’s dull and uninterested voice rang out, “The given phone number is invalid and does not exist.”

Marlin’s young muscular face greased with engine oil twisted in confusion and shock….he looked at the number in his book again, as it dawned on him that  may be the man had given him a false number..but why?

His eyes wandered to the back of the garage as it rested upon the mysterious black box with its air of eeriness around it. His body shuddered at the thought of what could be inside. His mind was working like clockwork analyzing the possibilities of what could be inside ….Then it struck him to call the famous ‘911’ helpline.

He explained the situation to the operator who told him to stay calm and wait patiently for a few  police and bomb squad men to arrive…..for the operator said that he felt that there was a possibility that it was ‘bomb’ since the garage was behind the famous Mickey Trump Tower …a possible terrorist target.

So he sat down dragging a stool and sitting about five meters away from what seemed to be a ‘Pandora’s Box’. His mind was bursting with curiosity to the point that  it suppressed his fear …he walked over to the box picked it up, placed it in the table and his hand rested on the latch.

And then it happened …his whole life raced in front of him…….the hard life of an orphan from birth, not knowing his parents, his dream of having a garage…his struggle for  making his dream a reality by doing things probably no one else would do …the garage becoming successful … his dream of living a happy and content life …meeting his parents and making them proud by becoming the world’s best car designer..and then he heard the sirens ,the banging of the doors being closed as the garage was flooded by the men in blue.

Time flew after that …he was pulled out and was taken out to a safe fifty meter distance from the garage as they brought the box out of the garage into the open. They slowly and carefully opened the lid and  as Marlin looked at the officer’s face ….his face was baffled and he looked overwhelmed by confusion.

Marlin pushed his way through the barricade and rushed to the box …as he reached the box the officer turned around with the box in his hand  with a smile on his face …Marlin looked at him in wonder and took the box from him…he looked into the box..the box was filled with  bank notes to its brim and in the center was a note which read “WE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU TILL THE END OF TIME …….LOVE, MOM AND DAD.

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  1. KGP Nair 3 years ago

    Excellent. Keep up the good work. Write again.

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