Silence is not my answer..
I must speak out
Digging all the truth untold..
Just to open up a lid of
Emotional sarcasm..
Where is our blue sky..
Filled with our dreams
That rained in the month of December..
Those unseen
Skies in December..
Roared with your deep rooted desires..
Burning sensual pleasures..
Drenched deep inside my breath..
Which grabbed all those
Tears pour from our eyes..
My answer is not silence..
I must speak out..
I was like winter in your shivering hands..
Without any leaves and
With deep roots
You touched my trunk
Not my soul
On that rainy night..
Then the aristocracy questioned me..
Why u left?
Silence is not my answer..
I must speak out..
I left..
Because… of my bare desire..
Unfulfilled that
December night…

-Jeethma Aramkuniyil

  1. Suja Sukumaran 2 years ago

    Nice flow!

  2. Haridas 2 years ago


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