There’s nothing to him

Everything’s nothing for him.

She left the scarf on the bench.

Crying in front of the Cross,

She found her Everlasting Love.

Her tears meant nothing to him

As she stated her concerns

There was no mercy left in him.

It was their last day of love

Their eyes looked weird,

To each other.

Those days of affection,

They had for each other;

His cheeks knew

The softness of her long hair.

The measure of his love,

His arms loved to carry often.

If he knew any smell of a woman

And that was her.

They had different stories to lament

To say adieu to their amour.

He pretended smart to ignore

He didn’t show any care

Still, when his heart palpitated.

Love did go to hide behind the iris

And when the distances made unseen;

The proximity of their hearts…

Then they never met each other.


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