Up from the Himalayas,

To swift low

Over the curves of Kashmir Valley

A breeze didn’t cascade

And it did hold the drops of air

Also the dew of the morning

Which belonged to the only tulip.

The drone did ever have any alibi?

To ignore the just life blossom

Do the other flyers know?

Showered under the rays of dawn

Now sitting tight

To be caressed

With the unseen waves.

Men charms her colour

Ladies wishes to don

And children yearns to pluck-

The simple blooming beauty.

She waited till the sun came down

And found no hope for her day.

The sprigs and twigs solaced,

The aside flowers soothed her.

As garden went black

She saw the skies lit up

And lamps around lighted.

The little tulip didn’t know,

Why its angel breeze denied her;

She closed her lips

The bright red dwindled

When eyes narrowed

She fixed her dream

Then floated in it

Along with her life-giving breeze.


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