No matter what the tweet object is… no matter what the tweet subject is.. no matter what the tweet predicate is (to stick to basic English grammar)… a tweet can catalyze people’s social energies beyond comprehension… you wonder whether we can channelize these energies for changes that matter to man and woman and child.

So, to quote a few tweets that has taken the social media by storm… one on disrupting blaring speakers installed at places of worship.. and the other (a diametrically opposite one) on the so-called misfit casting of Mohanlal in the upcoming magnum opus on Bheem… the trench coat outfit of a celebrity…. I do not wish to dwell into these topics as much as the frenzy and brouhaha that these tweets generate amongst us.

Why do we attach so much importance on random mumbling and rantings of people? And more worrying is our total apathy towards real topics that impact us as citizens… taxes, education, safety, corruption to mention a few? Where was this social strength when a leading politician belittled rape as “boys will be boys”.. did we go on an onslaught and make the politician regret his statement? Closer home, a lake has frothed and fumed endangering the people who live in its vicinity – did we go and twitter bomb the officials and government who watched this tragedy unfold?

Yes, reaction is a human reflex but can we not channel it to matters of importance ad sustain the reaction till a solution emerges? The “short-livedness” of our memory and the zillion reactive catalysts amongst our midst is the boon of the officials of this country.. just deviate the energy to a tweet on a movie, a lyric that “hurts religious sentiment” and the pack will go after it in a jiffy and the real problems of the country are left behind.. hidden, unaddressed and for the citizens to “handle” in silence (no pun intended)…


  1. Anil 3 years ago

    Very true.. Hope the world realizes and spends time and energy fir constructive stuff…

  2. Haridasan 3 years ago


  3. Retnakaran 3 years ago

    Wish if we could utilize our energies and resources on productive issues.. thanks

  4. sunil 3 years ago

    Well said…

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