Don’t call me a hypocrite, it’s not a mask,
it’s just the sixth side of the dice,
you deliberately failed to read.
We walked in the shadow, talked in the light,
weaving our dreams by the sea on the sand,
and watched the waves carry them far.
With no complaint regret or sorrow,
we smiled and parted in silence.

Followed you up the steep mountain road,
and laughed at the tiny world beneath.
Ran down the winding treacherous road,
dizzy, gasping, cold and tired.
Shackles hauling, time’s ticking,
you need to take a hike again
bearing the weight of broken promises,
ignoring the unraveled sixth side.

This time I chose not to follow again.
I looked deep into your eyes.
Words failed, and silence spoke,
One more time.

  1. Sunil 3 years ago

    Wonderful lines… lots of emotions and guts!

  2. Anil 3 years ago


  3. Suja Sukumaran 3 years ago

    Nice flow of lovely thoughts…

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