As the New Year rings in most of us make those grand New Year resolutions of pursuing and hopefully fulfilling those numerous items from our bucket list of wishes. Many of us start in right earnest but soon the routine of life gets to us and we slowly go back to our old ways of living. As the year progresses many experience a feeling of just being” blown with the wind”. Dissatisfaction creeps in and with that frustration. We seem to be attending to work, catering to the needs of our family but somewhere there still lurks a sense of dissatisfaction. We often feel caught up in the rat race, of being a slave to time with our lives revolving around the clock , running around like a headless chicken,having no time to stop and stare, a sense of meaningless existence.

In my clinical practice today, this sense of dissatisfaction, meaningless existence seems to present itself with increasing frequency. The cause invariably seems to  be the difficulty in balancing work and other aspects of life. What becomes even more clearer with further discussions with the client is how either work or relationships and sometimes both seem to completely dominate their lives leaving little or no space or time to pursue personal interests. Many, in fact, have even forgotten what they used to like to do .That connect to self seems to have been lost, suppressed by their efforts to address the huge load of expectations from the work and relationship front. The result often is burnout and all the negativity and exhaustion associated with it.

Stress is part and parcel of modern life and if we have to manage  stress well it is vital we work towards a better work life balance.

To work towards a better work life balance we need to first identify what is of importance to us(and this differs from person to person) in three zones: Personal Interests(e.g hobbies,health etc)Work and Relationships .Once you have identified important goals in each of these, prioritize them .It is important to remember that there is only 24 hours in a day and no matter what circus you do you will not get a second more. Be realistic and work on just one goal from each zone at a time .Everyday/week needs to have time allotted to working towards these goals. It is extremely important to be realistic of how much you can accomplish in a day comfortably. Identifying time wasters can make a big difference in our productivity and consequent sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Planning and reviewing these on a daily /weekly basis helps to keep us motivated and experience a sense of progress and accomplishment. Most importantly ,definitely have one important activity from the personal zone everyday. It goes a long way in helping us recharge our batteries on a regular basis and will make our lives more meaningful.

So as we begin our journey in the New Year, let’s work towards a better work life balance. Remember its a journey and it will take time as well as  a lot of fine tuning on the way.

Here’s wishing all the readers a peaceful, meaningful and balanced 2017!




  1. Jyothi Nambiar 3 years ago

    Really enlightening!

  2. Retnakaran 3 years ago

    Thanks for such a wonderful note.

  3. Vineetha Mekkoth 3 years ago

    Good write. The key as you said is in identifying the priorities, being realistic and planning and doing things within the 24 hours given.

  4. Mathew 3 years ago


  5. Joel Yeldo Alias 3 years ago

    very true……thank you for the advice…..very beautifully put forward!!!!!!!

  6. Author
    Mary George Ittoop 3 years ago

    Thanks Ms. Vineetha Mr. Retnakaran, Ms.Jyothi, Mr.Mathew and Joel for your kind and encouraging remarks.

  7. Mini Gopalan 3 years ago

    very nice pointers on work life balance.

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